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Local wood products made by Vermonters, for Vermonters

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April 2023 Pellet Analysis Results

"Great heat, less mess, locally produced. The people are the best and always stand behind their product"

"I would recommend them to my local friends, the price is perfect for local"

"Saved money, helped maintain local economy, and made life easier" 

Pellet Test Results-1.png


Sustainably sourced from Vermont forests and processed in Richford, Vermont, we are local, multi-generational farm and forest families dedicated to bringing you high quality wood products. By keeping dollars local, you are supporting families right here in Vermont who have been working the land for generations. 


Vermont's First Demonstration Mill

As Vermont’s first, and only that we know of, demonstration wood processing facility, we offer hands-on training to people interested in a career in Vermont’s forest economy. Learn more here.

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