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"Everyone is working when you go there. no one is sitting around. Like the way things are going over there" - VNFP Customer 2022


At Vermont Natural Forest Products, local drives what we do.


We believe in localism and are proud to keep the entire process within our communities.

Raw material is sourced locally, processed at the mill, and products remain locally distributed.  By opening our doors we've created and maintained new jobs along every step of the process. At VNFP relationship matters and supporting our local economy is key.

We use every part of the tree and offer a variety of products and service that helps us maintain a zero waste operation. 

“Good mixture, good price and great people.”

-VNFP Customer

Meet the Team



Josh Gervais


Red beard, perhaps sprinkled with sawdust, Josh is a longtime local and has grown up in our ag community. With a foundation in farming, Josh owns/co-owns and operates 3 businesses that offer services and products that not only serve a need but also create opportunities for jobs and skill development.

“It's never about the money. What really excites me is the equipment in the yard- getting to explore it, run it, learn about and fix it”


Matt Gregoire


A rare sight to see out of the woods. Matt's passion for logging stems from days out in the woods with his Dad throughout his childhood, and has led him to the start up of VNFP. For Matt it's all about the way of life, keeping wood local and utilizing every part.

"I love being in the woods. I love cutting trees, cutting wood. I love equipment. This way of life has been in my family for generations. I want to keep it going"

Susan Colburn

Business Manager "Mom"

There isn't much Susan doesn't do and the title "Office Manager" doesn't begin to cover it. From running the office end of the business to customer service and ensuring that everyone is paid, fed, and cared for- Susan is the heart of the operation. She is the friendly face when you walk in, the person on the other end of the phone, and occasionally an equipment operator- need be.

Philip Gervais

Production Engineer and Technology Manager

Philip Gervais in a nutshell- technology and innovation. Philip is all about increasing efficiency and maximizing potential at the mill. He believes in this business and possesses the skills to keep things evolving. Philip is a dedicated member of VNFP, he's recently moved from Ohio back to Vermont (where he was raised on a dairy farm) to help his son, Josh, in this venture.

"I believe in this business. Heating Pellets are one of the few things that can make both a local and dramatic economic impact in this state”

Jeremiah Kane

VNFP Team Leader

Jeremiah Kane, fondly referred to as Peanut, is a natural fit on our leadership team. It's easy to see when you ask him what he does and he answers with smile; “What don’t I do here?” and although this could be mistaken for a joke, if you know him, you know its the truth: Jeremiah is a skilled welder, machinist and leader.

Jenne Hull

Communications & Marketing Consultant 

Jenne is a local teacher at Richford High School and videographer, advocating for the dairy industry through her channel Follow a Farmer. 

Growing up on a dairy farm, Jenne is committed to local agri-businesses. 

"I love creating visuals and connecting people-  especially for our community. If we can get products and services locally why wouldn't we- local partnerships are how we all grow"  


Demonstration Mill 

As Vermont’s, and likely New England’s, first demonstration wood processing facility, VNFP offers hands-on training to the younger generation. Students from Cold Hollow Career Center and Richford High School are regularly onsite learning about every aspect of the business– from writing grants to manufacturing pellets, working with an on-site engineer to improve machinery, or delivering a truck load of shavings to local farms. 

With a strong understanding of industry needs, we connect young people with the skills and training they need and work with industry partners to ensure viable pathways are accessible to the next generation.

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